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The organization which enables the management of "new education & protection "
for the infants from birth up to entering school.

NPO Kosodate Shinagawa

  1). Infants Disadvantaged by Changes in Child Rearing
     Along with the increasing tendency for women to have fewer children and more social
     obligations, child rearing for infants has been greatly changing.

     For example, time spent in daycare has become longer because more infants are left at
     nursery schools day and night.

     They are left earlier and earlier because nursery schools accept more infants up to age
     one and kindergartens accept more children ages two and three.

     Child rearing depends upon these institutions on one hand; however on the other hand,
     infants are deprived of the opportunity to play together with children of different ages.

  2). A Distorted Phenomenon That Parents Cannot Experience
    Child Rearing Because of Their Dependence on Nursery Institutions

     Longer time spent at nursery schools from an earlier age and the subsequent dependency
     on nursery institutions will deprive parents of the joy and pain in directly experiencing
     child rearing.

     Moreover, this lack of experience together with excessive information about child rearing
     makes parents uneasy about their child rearing.

     This problem often results in child abuse.
     As a whole, families are losing the power to raise children and are having fewer choices in
     rearing and educating them.

  3). Progress and Problems in Unifying Such Nursery Institutions as
    Kindergartens and Nursery Schools

     The boundary between kindergarten and nursery school has become less clear as the
     Government implemented various measures including "The Angel Plan." However, the
     unification has not progressed as expected due to the different legal positions held by
     the Education Ministry and the Welfare and Labor Ministry.

     This difference is referred to as "difficulty and limits of the vertically divided administration.
     " The Government has not yet satisfied the actual needs of children and parents.

  4). Development and Problems for Kindergartens to Function as
    Child Rearing Support Institutions

     Private kindergartens in Shinagawa pioneered the research on "The Project of Child
     Rearing Support," and have been undertaking the "Azukari-Hoiku" (Overtime Nursing)
     and the "Open School & Garden" programs.

     These undertakings, however, are oriented mainly for guardians including mothers, not
     directly for the purpose of supporting the healthy development of infants.

     They are, in fact, in financial difficulties.

  5). Necessary Experiment through Which Respective Merits Are
    Integrated into the Best Education for Infants

     One way to improve this situation is to create a tentative institution for educating
     preschoolers up to five years old.

     One type of such an institution will be a combination of three organizations: a licensed
     nursery school for infants up to two years old, a kindergarten based on the government
     guidelines for children from three to five years old, and a center for child rearing support.

     Publicly funded and privately managed, it will become a place where parents, guardians,
     kindergarten teachers and nurses can together take on the challenge of supporting the
     development of infants.

     The center for child rearing support will be a place where parents and their infants living
     in the neighborhood can talk with one another and get advice on rearing and discuss the
     development of their children.

     Giving them advice on parenting and child development which is free from the conventional
     distinction between kindergarten and nursery school, the center will become a core for
     child rearing support in Shinagawa.

  6). A New Way of Educating and Protecting Infants and
    Preschoolers without the Boundary between Kindergarten and
    Nursery School, and the Necessity of Research

     To correct the "distortion" that parents cannot fully experience child rearing because of
     increasing dependency on nursery institutions, there are three tasks to complete: to
     construct a new idea of "Child Rearing Support," which can integrate kindergarten and
     nursery school; to realize this idea in the establishment and management of a new
     "institution," which goes beyond the distinction between public and private, for educating
     and protecting all infants up to preschool age; and to research the curriculum and
     management in the context of lifelong study and parent involvement.

  7). NPO Management Breaking Down the Wall between Public and

     In order to complete the three tasks, it is necessary to create a non-profit organization
     which has freedom, creativity, and ability to cooperate with municipal administrators.

     We volunteers, including the principals of Shinagawa private kindergartens, understand this
     need and have decided to make use of our knowledge and experience and establish
     NPO Kosodate Shinagawa as a creative and non-profit organization to carry out these

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